About Us

How Native Flora Seeds Was Started

Every nonprofit has a beginning and Native Flora Seeds is no different. The founding director, Jim Carras, had a passion to increase the native plant habitat but didn't know how to have a big impact.  He is on the Board of Directors for the Native Plant Society of Texas, a 4,000-member association with over 30 chapters across the state. He also wanted to help promote native plants in home gardens but many of the seed suppliers provided seeds for both native and non-native plants.  For some, they would know the difference, but many just involved with native plants would not know what native seeds to purchase. Through his efforts, he created Native Flora Seeds, Inc. that would provide ONLY native plant seeds.  In this way, built on volunteer service, the profits would be used to purchase bulk seeds for planting across the country.  This will be done working with conservation groups where we would provide, in addition to the seeds, instructions, training and support. Native Flora Seeds is 100% volunteer managed.

Native Flora Seeds Inc., is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization with the sole purpose to provide quality native plant seeds in hopes they will be purchased, planted and therefore increase the potential habitat for the benefit of butterflies, birds, bees, and other insects.  All proceeds from seed sales will be used to support building habitat on idle farms, government and public lands. Our goal is to realize 1million acres of new native plant habitat across the United States of America.

Native Flora Seeds is a volunteer managed company where volunteers across the country contribute to technical, management and ambassadors for native plants. Become a volunteer by visiting our volunteer sign up page.

Jim Carras
Director, Volunteer