Hairy Beardtongue

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Penstemon hirsutus, commonly known as hairy beardtongue, is a beautiful and versatile perennial wildflower native to eastern North America . It is known for its:

  • Adaptability: It thrives in a wide range of conditions, including full sun to partial shade and moist to dry soils. This makes it a great choice for a variety of garden settings.
  • Attractive flowers: The trumpet-shaped blooms come in shades of lavender to violet and have a whitish lower lip. They bloom in late spring to early summer and are a magnet for pollinators like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
  • Easy care: Hairy beardtongue is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal care once established.

Here are some additional details about Penstemon hirsutus:

  • Plant size: It typically grows 1-2 feet tall and 10-12 inches wide.
  • Leaf shape: The leaves are oblong and have toothed margins.
  • Hardiness zones: It is hardy in USDA zones 3-9.
  • Uses: Hairy beardtongue is a valuable addition to native plant gardens, wildflower meadows, and butterfly gardens. It can also be grown in containers.

Here are some tips for growing Penstemon hirsutus:

  • Plant in well-drained soil.
  • Water regularly until the plant is established, then reduce watering as needed.
  • Deadhead spent flowers to encourage additional blooms.
  • Divide plants every 3-4 years to maintain vigor.

With its easy care, beautiful flowers, and ecological benefits, Penstemon hirsutus is a great choice for gardeners of all levels.

Hairy Beardtongue



I love Native Sunflowers in my home garden and landscape.

Mary Hoggins
Tyler, Texas

Last year in the Fall, I collected a lot of seeds I planted this year.

Roger Holmes
Dallas, Texas

They really added a big splash of color to the front of my house garden bed. Love them!

Audrey Long
Mobile, Alabama

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