Annual Phlox - Red

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Nectar-loving butterflies and bees will thank you for adding this phlox to your garden. The large, bright-red, trumpet-shaped flowers bloom virtually all summer. The plant grows 10-12 inches high with a mounded habit.

Annual Phlox are small plants that bloom from late spring to summer, they flower in mass. The flowers may be white, red, orange, pink, or purple.

Some common names for Annual Phlox varieties include Texas Pride, Phlox Blue Paradise, Bright eyes, Clouds of perfume, purple, orange perfection, Creeping, Dwarf, and Drummond Phlox.


Annual Phlox - Red
Phlox drummondii
Annual Phlox - Red

This easy-care plant would appreciate a spring application of fertilizer or compost on flower beds; fertilize pots more often. Do not apply an undue amount of fertilizer, however, and avoid high nitrogen that will lead to excessive leaf growth and delay flowering. Choose a fertilizer with a higher ratio of potassium for all your flowering plants.

Phlox drummondii, commonly known as annual phlox, is native to the following states:

  • Texas



I love Native Sunflowers in my home garden and landscape.

Mary Hoggins
Tyler, Texas

Last year in the Fall, I collected a lot of seeds I planted this year.

Author's name
Dallas, Texas

They really added a big splash of color to the front of my house garden bed. Love them!

Audrey Long
Mobile, Alabama

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